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NIQNAQ offers comprehensive interior design services for homes and offices. To complement the design consulting services, we provide access to products and fittings. A house should be turned into a home that’s why, we pride ourselves in supplying furniture, both new and antique, decorator fabric, artwork, lighting, rugs, carpets, home and office accessories that are unique, stylish and value for money.

NIQNAQ is an interior design service for discerning, quality-conscious clients that seek assistance in their design choices for their primary residences, vacation homes, and businesses.This experience offers personal attention through the design process and also provides design resources and products to its clients through special purchases of all the clients interiors,that are conscious of the appearance and feel of clients home and offices and will focus on developing and offering design solutions based on the client’s taste, budget, use,goals and making the best possible use of the available space.

The design is not just how it looks like or feels like, the design is how it works. That’s why ,NIQNAQ offers the personalized services the market desires and can afford in a way that is unique from concept to implementation.The total experience is provided in a way to inform, inspire, and assist people through the process of transforming their home or business environment to become a unique and personalized expression of themselves and add to their enjoyment of that interior space.

The additional selection, accessibility of the product, design services, and value-based pricing differentiates NIQNAQ from the other options in the area with stylish interiors.

Creating lasting impressions through interior design.