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Best coffee shop in Nairobi!

We are a community of coffee followers, celebrating Kenya’s finest gourmet Arabica coffee, complimenting it with blends from Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia in delivering on the promise of a great brewed cup of coffee.

Our mission is to inspire and nurture Kenya’s coffee culture while celebrating our local art and music. Our coffee shops are a meeting place for young professionals seeking their first cup of coffee of the day, tea drinker’s visit for the exotic selection of the world’s finest teas, while chocolate lovers indulge in the premium hot chocolate drink from Belgium’s finest chocolate collections.

We are passionate about food and offer a great experience of bistro meals, prepared from locally sourced ingredients from Kenya’s highlands. Our meat products are produced in keeping with the Halal standards while embracing the diversity and origins of our country and our people.

Our team brings together young, energetic and vibrant people who are passionate about customers and enjoying the hobby of creating new experiences for our customers!