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Bata Kenya is the leading footwear manufacturer and fashion shoe shop in the country. We have a national retailer network of about 110 ultra-modern stores stocking high-quality fashion shoes for men, ladies, school, children and other footwear related items like bags, polish, brushes, belts, socks, insoles, shoe races etc. The store was the second one this year to adopt the 2011 city concept. The main features of the new concept include two focal points complete with red colour leather sofas, multi-coloured Bubblegummers display unit as well as a grid clad pillar, wall displays and focused lighting. Customers are guaranteed to sample the quality Bata brands like Safari, Marie Claire, Weinbrenner, Power, Northstar, Bubblegummers Baby bubbles, Bata, Patapata, Ngoma, Sandak, Toughees, and Bata Industrials. We offer excellent customer service.

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